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Kudo Suketsune in disguise - Sogamono

Kuniyoshi, 1850, Wood cut
Kudo Suketsune in disguise - Sogamono
Kudo Suketsune in disguise - Sogamono
Kudo Suketsune in disguise - Sogamono
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Kudo Suketsune disguised as a Buddhist priest
Portrait of Bando Shuka I as Kudo Suketsune in a play based on the popular story of 'The Revenge of the Soga Brothers'. 'Sogamono', plays deriving from this particular tale of vengeance and honour, were used to open the Kabuki season at the beginning of each New Year. Kudo Suketsune is the villain in the story and in this print he is shown wearing the disguise of a Buddhist priest. In one hand he holds a priest's headdress and in the other the courtier's fan. The Kabuki actor's costume was specially designed so that it could be removed quickly on stage when rapid costume changes were needed. One of the actor's sleeves has been loosened to reveal an underkimono decorated with Kudo Suketsune's crest. The print was originally part of a triptych (a complete impression is held by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; 2009.4992.16a-c).
[Information supplied by T. Clark].
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38 x 26.2 cm.
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