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Page 196 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1

Moir, Ethel, 1916, Document
Page 196 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 196 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 196 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
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Page 196 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
tea on Monday afternoons & help her with her "soldiers' comforts". We are getting to know Petrograd very well & go "sight-seeing" somewhere nearly every day - despite the too awful cold! "The Hermitage" is my favourite haunt. I could go there every day. The pictures there are beautiful, there is also a v fine imperial art-collection there, antiques, china etc:. The entrance is very striking, this portico is supported by 8 pillars with 10 colossal atlantes leaning against these - gigantic half-nude figures. Inside
it is a haven of delight, you've no conception of the amazing wealth, vareity [variety] & interest of the art treasures, ancient & modern alike, assembled in these galleries & rooms. The Murillos & Rembrandts are my favourites - there are 22 original Murillos, the pearls being " A Pause in the Flight" & "St. Peter in Prison" & "The Assumption of the Virgin". There are about 40 original Rembrandts, among them "Abraham & The Angel", "The Towering of the Cross" & "The Protrait [Portrait] of an Old Woman". There is another fine collection of pictures at the Alexander III Museum - but they are all by Russian artists - among the chief being paintings & sketches by Seror (the "Millais" of Russia) I liked some of Venigs pictures, especially one called "A Young Russian Girl". Quite near the Hermitage is the Winter Palace - the town resid-
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