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Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

Unknown, 1880, Photograph
Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket
Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket
Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket
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Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket
Edinburgh Castle sits on a rocky outcrop. The half-moon battery has gun loops in its walls. The Castle is surrounded by defensive walls some of which are crenellated. Watchtowers are positioned along the battlements, including the Esplanade. At the bottom of the sloped ground below the Castle is the Grassmarket. On the cobbled road there are horse-drawn carts and handcarts. There are very few people in the scene. Bordering the road is a pavement which has street lighting along it, also on the pavement are barrels. There are shops with shop front window displays, inns, a tobacco and snuff manufacturer, a warehouse and other establishments. One if the shops has bridles hanging outside while the tobacco and snuff merchant has a carved head above the sign. The bust is wearing a hat.
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12 x 18 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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