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Smith, Wm. Ewing

Smith, Wm. Ewing
Smith, Wm. Ewing
Smith, Wm. Ewing
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Smith, Wm. Ewing
William Ewing Smith - known as Ewing - was the middle child of George and Annie Smith. He was born in Uddingston and from 1933-1944 Ewing was educated at Uddingston Grammar School and then went on to do two years national service in the army. Ewing gained a BSc in Electrical Engineering after studying at the Royal Technical College in Glasgow (now known as Strathclyde University) then spent four years in Manchester working with metropolitan Vickers.
In 1958 he returned to Scotland to study Theology at New College in Edinburgh where he got involved in the New College Missionary Society and the Greenside Mission.
During his time in Edinburgh Ewing met his future wife, Agnes Hill who was a trainee nurse. In 1961, Ewing and Agnes were married in Bloomfield Baptist Church in Belfast. The two moved to India where they served through the Church of Scotland Foreign Mission Committee in Ajmer, Rajasthan and had three sons.
In 1970 the Church of North India was formally inaugurated and together with other ministers from various churches Ewing was one of the first to be recognised and accepted into the new United Church. He was called to be Presbyter at St James Church, Delhi and was the first minister not from an Anglican background.
Ewing and his family returned to Scotland in 1976. On returning to Edinburgh, the Bishop of Edinburgh, recognising his jurisdiction in the Church of India, authorised him to celebrate communion in his jurisdiction in the Scottish Episcopal Church.
In 1978 Ewing accepted a call to Livingston Old in the Presbytery of West Lothian. He shared the pastoral care of Old Livingston and part of New Town with the Ecumenical Experiment and in particular with Rev John McLeod who was a member of the team ministry.
After retiring in 1994, Ewing moved to Bathgate where he resided until his death at St John's Hospital, in 2010 aged 82.

This potted biography was taken from infomation found on The Fellowship of St Thomas website where you can read the obituary in full.
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