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Exhibition details for 20923 - 1950s - Five Decades of Toys (1950 - 2000)
1950s - Five Decades of Toys (1950 - 2000)
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1950s - Five Decades of Toys (1950 - 2000)
This exhibition highlights some of the most popular toys and games of the 1950s.

During the Second World War fewer toys were produced and so prior to the 1950s, children would not have had many toys. During the 1950s however, the production of toys increased with the new demand for toys and luxury goods. Popular products were Corgi cars, Scout guns, Scalextric sets, Eagle comics and baby dolls. The rise of the manufacture of plastic toys was welcomed because it was easy to clean and therefore much more hygienic than toys had previously been. Soft toys were also becoming much softer thanks to new synthetic materials such as Terylene.
The popularity for Hollywood films and Comic book hero's gave rise to spin off memorabilia.
Board games, dress-up clothes, badges and models could all be purchased for children to reenact the adventures of their favourite characters!

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